Hello! You have reached the former web site of AHA Housing, Inc. After 20 years, AHA has closed its doors. Fortunately, eligible applicants will still be able to apply for Reissued Mortgage Credit Certificates (RMCCs) via SoCal RMCC .

As of October 1st,2016, all RMCC applications and related correspondence is to be addressed to SoCal RMCC via Vicki Monce, Program Administrator. Vicki has had decades of successful housing program experience at the San Diego Housing Commission, where she and Kathy Stone once worked together in the same MCC-related department. You will find the information you need about SoCal RMCC at the link below.

Rest assured that all RMCC applications will be processed in a timely manner during this transition. Those currently being compiled on AHA forms and submitted after October 1st will be accepted by SoCal RMCC for the time being. Thank you for your continued interest in the RMCC Program. Please find and bookmark the following link: